Monday, March 24, 2008

Quad Committee Meeting - April 24th

Items discussed included:

- Columbia County Historical Society official Commemorative Program guide, we will need to submit events by a certain date; Ms. Cooper to obtain that date for the next meeting.

- State Funding $$: we spoke of the current ambiguities of State Funding, and the fact that all the procedures have not yet been communicated. As of now, we believe there will be $45k funding to the city of Hudson and $45k to participating communities up the Hudson River.

- Funding procedures: The Quad committee will submit proposals to the Board of Supervisors Tourism Committee for final approval for spending. This way the elected officials will make the final decisions on all spending proposals.

- Blog site to track developments: Steele will draft out a Blog to track developments.

- Half-Moon: Ms. Thurston also discussed the prospects of having the Half-Moon visit Hudson. We are not yet sure of the scope and possible expense to schedule the Half-Moon into Hudson. We anticipate costs might well exceed $20,000 in total.

- Next Meeting: The next meeting will be held on June 11th at the Riverview Cafe in Stuyvesant.