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QUAD Committe Minutes - October 8th 2009

Welcome by Ms. Piwonka. Motion to approve minutes, approved after Steele updates changes requested by Ms. Piwonka.

“Official Coin”

Ms. Bliss was unable to attend the meeting, so Steele informed the committee regarding the QUAD State recognized “official coin”. Details are both on the QUAD-blog and the Hudson-Athens Lighthouse website (

Coins can be ordered form information provided on the Lighthouse website, or purchased directly at several locations though out the county. Locations will be noted on the Blog site. Coin is $25, or $30 if requested by mail.

This information will be updated into the County blog site.

River Regatta / Tom Crowell

Tom reviewed the meeting hosted by the Castleton Boat Club and the key objectives of the possible event. It would be a new tradition for the Hudson River; and “opening day” for the boating season. It would include all the boating clubs along the river, a raft, etc.

Snags in the plan would be limited funding for Heritage ships (Half Moon).

The event would be the first Saturday in June down in the New York City harbor, and would culminate on the following Saturday in Albany – supposedly.

More information to come

SA – Contact Mr. Kennedy for update

Heritage Weekend – Ann Cooper

Ms. Griffen of the Olana Partnership called Ms. Cooper with an idea she had discovered during a recent trip to Europe. It seems they celebrate a weekend or week in which all public attractions are opened free to the public. Likewise several select attractions open their doors to “not-open-to-the-public” tours.

Ms. Cooper contacted her Tourism partners throughout the Hudson Valley and the plan is in the works.

The celebration would be in September during “off peak” visitor times, but the weather would still be perfect for touring all of the attractions. It would likewise serve as a tremendous promotion for the Hudson Valley attractions and we would most likely do this on an annual basis in the coming years. It would likely coordinate with the Hudson River Ramble.

Ms. Cooper will pursue research and let the committee know of a firm date as soon as it is determined.

Update of Official Events

No new events have been added since the last meeting.

Procedures to include a new event are listed on the Blog site, along with all current “official events”.

Ann Cooper announced that the new State site has been published and that the calendar is comprehensive.

Additionally, she will be able to directly upload events to the calendar on the website. The calendar is now full of numerous events throughout the state. The committee is encouraged to review the site for further discussion at the next meeting.

A link to the site is available on the Blog site; and the address is

ALL – Review the State website

Funding update.

Ms. Cooper explained that funding procedures have changed again. She also explained that no one in the State has been successful in obtaining funds and that she is on top of it.

There is was much speculative talk about how to move forward. Ms. Cooper explained that it was somewhat pointless to discuss it at this time as things were certain to change.

Ms. Cooper will forward out a letter organized by her tourism counterparts within the Hudson Valley and encouraged us to use the same format to encourage lawmakers to address the confusion. The letter will be posted on the Blog site.

There is an ongoing concern that once funding has been addressed, how will it be distributed. Public notice needs to be provided with a deadline for application submission. This will be addressed when we have a better idea about how funding will be obtained.

Ms. Cooper, Ms Thurston and Mr. Crowell will meet to formulate the next attempt to secure funding.

NOTE: Since the meeting, another announcement has been made by the state. Once funding is approved, it will be based on a 25% upfront distribution with a final payment based on complete detail and support for expenses. The major change is that a match will no longer be needed. This is because many communities may not have the time to secure a match at this late date. Information is posted on the blog site.

AC, ET & TC - Meet to formulate next request of funds.
AC – Obtain final requests from the State

Old & New Business

Ms. Thurston mentioned another idea that has been discussed in Hudson. There would be an artist that does art from recycled garbage. He is well known and the art would be organized on a barge that would circulate the Hudson River. The artist is Bruno Pasquier-desVignes.

Ms. Thurston also expressed an interest in Hudson to plant 400 trees. Discussion came about as to “sponsors” for individual trees, and the fact that the Boy Scouts could be commissioned to plant the seedlings.

Ms. O'Neal and Ms. Goetz informed the group that Clermont is planning Quad activities that will involve the Clermont Academy - Site of NY's first Public School in 1791.

Ms. Boeringer announced that the “Department of Library Developments” will be providing a reading program for children regarding the QUAD. She also mentioned that flags would be issued to the Libraries.


Date & Time of Next Meeting:

November 12th, 10:30 a.m. at the Stuyvesant Town Hall. Ms. Knott to confirm.

Meeting adjourned: Meeting ended by 12:20 p.m.

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