Thursday, August 14, 2008

Questions regarding Grants to Counties and Cities


1. What is the time frame in which the money is to be spent? By December 31, 2009.

2. What type of in-kind services is acceptable? In addition to a dollar match, in-kind services such as staff time, county employees, business donations, municipal services directly related to Quadricentennial events can be used as part of the matching funds required.

Volunteer services will not be accepted as a match.

3. Are there any restrictions for the use of the grant money? The grant would provide 50% of total costs and the municipality would provide the other 50%. Grant money should be spent on Quadricentennial related events and programs in the county and its towns and villages.

4. Definition of matching-
In addition to the in-kind services used as a match, any Quadricentennial programs or events in any of the towns and villages can be used as a match.

5. What accountability or reporting information is required? A final report of the expenses incurred should be submitted once the project is completed.

6. What can the money be spent on? Any Quadricentennial event or program except municipal services such as police or fire operational expenditures. (The services, however, can be considered as a match. No state monies can be directly paid out for these services).

7. Will a final report be required - and if so - when will that be due?
Final report which includes financial report should be submitted no later than March 1, 2010

8. Can matches be made by the grants (the organizations that will be funded through the County for Quad activity) through sponsorships, in-kind services and/or donations? yes, as long as the costs are well-documented and submitted through the county, which is the recipient of the primary grant.

9. Many county tourism agencies which are tasked with overseeing Quad activities, receive funding from ESDC for tourism purposes. Can the county use that money received from ESDC as a match? funds from other NYS governmental entities are not eligible as match.

10. Will events be eligible for Funding? Must the events be held along the canal/lake/river? Any events that have a direct relationship to the Quad.