Friday, April 25, 2008

Educational Curriculum for the Quad

The Department of Education for the State of New York has released an online reference guide for the HFC400. There are nine different educational sections for the schools and three for the scholars.

Topics includes "Champlain Maps New France", "Explore with Henry", "Two Worlds Collide", "Hudson, Change over Time", and "Fulton Technology Innovation & Change".

The Scholar list includes "The Significance of Samuel de Champlain", "Henry Hudson and New Netherlands", and "Robert Fulton, Full Speed Ahead".

The web reference is:

There is also and idea for Jeopardy... a game for kids as a "PowerPoint Presentation". This could be further developed for a competition between schools.

The web reference is:

BIG GIANT HFC Legacy project for Columbia County

The New York State DEC spent $2.4 million dollars to purchase a 320 acre parcel of land from the Livingston family along the shores of the Hudson River in Columbia County.

For more information, please refer to the following website:

Columbia County Quad Committee

Members of the committee include (alpha order):
Andrews, Steele
Tourism PIT / CCOLA
Boeringer, Gretta
Hudson Library
Cooper, Annie
Tourism Department
Crowell, Tom
Land Conservancy
Gatti, Joseph
Town of Livingston
Knott, Juanita
Town of Stuyvesant Historian
McKay, Jim
Piwonka, Ruth
Kinderhook Historian
Reifler, Audrey
Friends of Clermont
Smith, Jerry
Germantown Council Member / Quad coordinator
537 6902
Thurston, Ellen
City of Hudson Quad Committee

Thursday, April 24, 2008

What happened in 1959???

To really appreciate how people celebrate major historical anniversaries, it does not hurt to review the past. The following list details events from 1959... very interesting reading.

SOME THINGS OF NOTE... THERE SEEMS to have been a 50 year anniversary for something w/ the Historical Society... so, that means 2009 would be a 100 years. Seems like we shouldn't let some of this slip by. And now the 110th anniversary of the Ghent Band... LOTS of parades, home tours and "pageants".

There was even some sort of dedication at Clarmont... which would now be 50 years old. What about re-dedications?

NOW the 300th anniversary for Germantown park? Should this go unnoticed? There was even a "BALL" at the Hudson Armory... there seems to have been a half-dozen parades of fire trucks.. wouldn't that be something to have a vintage fire-truck parade?

Hudson Champlain 1959 Celebration – Columbia County Events

May 1: Opening “House of History”
Kinderhook series of exhibits on Columbia County History Kinderhook

May 9: 165th Anniversary first volunteer fire fighting company
in NYS – J. W. Edmonds Hose Co., Hudson parade of
Hudson Valley fire units

May 10: V-E Day celebration, Chatham American Legion Post 42
Planting of tree from World War II battlefield of France,
Participation by French Military personnel, veterans. Chatham

May 23: 50th Anniversary – Livingston Grange Livingston

May 24: Antique car exhibit, automobilist of Upper Hudson Valley
Vintage car display, races, sponsored by Chatham Lions and
Exchange Clubs, fairgrounds Chatham

May 30: Opening whaling exhibit, collection of antique and historic
Items, DAR Museum, Warren Street Hudson

May 30 & 31: Memorial Day, historic observances parade Stuyvesant

June 5,6,7: Homecoming Days, tour of old homes, strawberry
Festival, pageant Claverack

June 13: Kinderhook Garden Club Summer Flower Show
St. Paul’s Church, Parish Hall – ‘Year of History’ theme Kinderhook

June 20: Opening, House of History, headquarters
Columbia County Historical Society Kinderhook

June 26 & 27: Town of Austerlitz, Reunion Days,
Dancing in Village Square, Antique Show, parade
Tour of homes, dedication historical markers, festival Austerlitz

July 4: Old Dutch Day, mobile display of historic
Pageantry, parade, fireworks Kinderhook

July 4: Hudson-Champlain Celebration Kinderhook

July 4: Pageant, Parade Niverville

July 9: Opening concert, 60th anniversary series
Ghent Town Band Ghent

July 11: Tour of old homes: 10:30 – Noon
1:30 – 4:30 Canaan

July 11: Square Dance (concert will precede the
Historical observance) Canaan

July 12: Special services in local churches Canaan

July 12: Special exercises at the Berkshire Farm for Boys Canaan

July 17 & 19: Founder’s Day, arts, crafts display Hillsdale

July 25: Columbia County Volunteer Firemen’s
Association – convention, display of apparatus
from American Museum of Firefighting Greenport

Aug. 1: Shaker Museum Festival, display of Shaker
Crafts, music, dancing, fashion show Old Chatham

Aug. 5 & 8: Town of Ghent Celebration, carnival
Historic display of township memorabilia Ghent

Aug. 15: Dedication Clermont, NY – memorial to
Robert R. Livingston, first Lord of the Manor,
By Masonic Lodges of Columba-Putnam-Dutchess
District Clermont

Sept. 6: “Year of History” Day at 119th Annual Chatham Fair,
Floats, choral singing, tableaux Chatham

Sept. 12: Town of Germantown Celebration marking
250th anniversary of arrival of Palatines at East Camp Germantown

Sept. 18: Countywide Celebration, participation by Army,
Navy, Air Force Units, floats, parade, civic, fraternal,
Veteran’s organizations. Hudson

Sept. 19: “Year of History” Ball, armory, Hudson Netherlands officials guests of honor