Thursday, June 12, 2008

How do I submit and event for the HFC400???

The main purpose of the County oversight committee for the HFC400 is to record planned events to be included in the State wide effort to celebrate this historic occasion. The Tourism Office for the county will then submit any qualified events to be promoted by the State.

So, how do I submit and event? You'll need the following information:

1) County (which would be Columbia County)
2) City, Village or Town
3) Event Name
4) Date of the event
5) Event organizer
6) Contact information
7) Contact email
8) Full description of the event

Take this information and email it directly to Ann Cooper -

You will be contacted within a few days and your item will be considered and added to the list. Are you not sure about how this works, or what can be include? NO problem... call any of the committee members to discuss your idea.

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