Friday, January 2, 2009

QUAD Committee Minutes - December 10th 2008

Ms. Piwonka stated that about 13 entities requesting a total of $40,000 so far have been received for a range of projects, some quad related, others more broad.

A subcommittee may be formed to review them. They are considering providing a % of each request. Several more requests are expected.

The requestors were read aloud including, county libraries, Hudson Opera House, Friends of Lindenwald, Henry Hudson Quadathalon sponsored by Hudson City, Town of Clermont, Friends of Clermont, Columbia Festival Orchestra, Olana Partnership, Columbia County Historical Society, Germantown Boat Launch Site Development, Bindlestiff Cirkus, Operation Unite!, Stageworks.

Steele, Ann and Ruth will review the grant requests. They will get back to applicants with questions. An application form will be provided to applicants.

The question was raised as to why County funds are being applied for by Hudson entities, and wondered if the Hudson money should go for Hudson entities. The response was that the Half Moon is taking most of the Hudson funds. Hudson is not re-granting its funds.
Columbia Land Conservancy suggested organizing a bicycle ride along the Hudson River per Tom Crowell.

River Regatta—Tom Crowell—the Rising Tide is the newsletter of the Quad and has been emailed to us and provided a tentative schedule for the River Regatta. Catskill-Hudson is June 11 overnight using both sides of the river. (Kingston is June 10, Albany June 12) Contact is HFCQ executive assistant Nicole Sama. Commitments from Woody Guthrie, Half Moon, Onrust, Clearwater have been received.

Heritage Weekend—Ann Cooper—no news has developed other than a possible funding cut from the state for the Ramble and other historic programming. Ann is confident that the Heritage Weekend will be a success based on the individuals involved.

Update of Official Events—
Juanita reported that Albany Engineering will be underwriting a kiosk in Stuyvesant.
Germantown is doing a sign at the Anchorage using a Quad mini grant. The sign will describe the panorama and reconstruct the vista as it was 400 years ago.
Germantown also has a grant for its library to obtain books and a display case.
Peter Marcou—supervisor in Catskill—wants to bring school children over to tour the Half Moon and may provide some funding to support the Half Moon visit at the end of July (the last weekend).

Spirit Hudson may have a ferry run between Athens and Hudson for $1,000. The plan is to charge a fare for the ferry rides.