Thursday, October 16, 2008


Dear Quadricentennial Community Leaders,

After careful review, we have been able to simplify the reimbursement process for the Quadricentennial Municipal grant. Once we receive your project narrative and budget, and have the resolution and signed contract from you, we will notify you that you may have an advance of 25 percent.

All future grant payment requests will be accepted and processed by DEC on a reimbursement basis. You will be required to provide supporting documentation on how the 25% advance was spent, and then you may submit documentation for additional costs for reimbursement.

The DEC will process reimbursement payments to you as needed. The new adjustment that we have been able to make is that the grant will no longer require a match of funding, municipal or otherwise. This change is due to the statewide municipal belt-tightening that we understand could prevent some municipalities from being able to participate in this important assistance.

We deeply appreciate your patience in this and all of our collaborative preparations for New York's 400th! Together we will make this a memorable mark in our state's history, extraordinary in our lifetimes!

Many thanks for all, Tara

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